Movies from the Venus transit

These movies are made from images acquired with the Swedish 1-m Solar Telescope on La Palma, which belongs to the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. They were taken at a wavelength of 705 nm which corresponds to deep red light.


Venus is seen moving against the background of the solar disk. The speckled pattern on the sun is granulation, an effect of convective motions. The movie covers the time interval of 07:44 to 07:57 UT on 8 June 2004.


This movie shows the egress of Venus from the solar disk. The shivering and occasional fuzziness is due to turbulence in the Earth's atmosphere - what astronomers call 'seeing'. Note the moment of bad seeing around frame 1713. You can see a hint of the notorious 'black drop' effect that confused the observers trying to time the contact during the earlier transits. By frame 1728 the seeing is better again and 3rd contact is close to frame 1730. (The frame numbers correspond to the jpeg file numbers.)


This is a close up of a detail of the EGRESS movie. The image contrast has been changed to show the elusive aureole outlining the disk of Venus. It is caused by sunlight being refracted towards us in the atmosphere of the planet. It has been described by some historical observers, though the reports are mixed with spurious light effects caused by imagination or inferior telescopes. Also here one notices the shivering due to 'seeing'.
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